EDL- John Quinn HTT-010 Shrink Tunnel

Recently received at Cpack, we have a EDL-John Quinn HTT-010 Shrink Tunnel for sale. This compact system is ideal for shrink wrapping small to medium goods for sale or transport.

JQ HT-101 Shrink Tunnel

EDL-John Quinn HTT-101 Shrink Tunnel

The shrink tunnel has an opening aperture of 500m W x 250mm H allowing for a wide variety of product to be shrink wrapped. This system is capable of shrinking up to 15 products per minute.

HT-101 Tunnel Aperture

EDL John-Quinn HTT-101 Tunnel Aperture

With features such as tunnel speed control, temperature control, and stainless steel operation buttons, the HTT-101 is a versatile but simple to use system. Operators can easily adjust the sealing quality to ensure a perfect shrinkwrap for your products.

HTT-010 Control Panel

EDL-John Quinn HTT-010 Control Panel

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