Alpma Bunch Wrapping Machine San80/T

Picture of the Alpma San 80/T

Alpma San80/T


The Alpma San 80/T is a European built bunch wrapping machine mainly used for over-wrapping of a variety of pies and cheeses. This tried and tested Alpma machine is widely used in the food and dairy industry due to their hygienic design. This machine is fully automatic with date coder options if required. This machine is capable of wrapping up to 60 products per minute with either a heat seal or product label.

This Alpma machine can allow a business to package their products quickly and with minimal material wastage. The Alpma San 80/T allows for complete freedom in your choice of product and packaging with an easy changeover for different product sizes, helping to minimise downtime. The San 80/T makes use of food grade conveyor belts to transport the wrapped products safely and hygienically. Because of the fact that no two products are exactly the same, the San 80/T has been developed to handle a product tolerance of up to 15mm. Furthermore, this Alpma machine can use a wide range of wrapping materials and a printer coder unit can be added.

Picture of the San 80/T

Alpma SAN 80/T

Alpma enjoy a reputation as a quality cheese packaging systems designer and manufacturer in Germany. Many additional devices can be added to this machine to further meet your packaging requirements, for instance, devices for sealing in freshness, advertising labels, print registration system, perforations and coding can all be added later.

Cpack offer a comprehensive service package which allows us to perform maintenance on a scheduled or call-out basis. Our experience and expertise working with packaging machinery for over 30 years allows us to service machines not originally manufactured by C-Pack. Whether you need packaging machine spares, servicing or information we will be pleased to help.

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