Soap Wrapping Machines

SW4000 Soap Wrapping Machine

The SW4000

Cpack’s latest developments in paper overwrapping technology have resulted in the SW4000 Soap Wrapping system. Utilising advanced computer control combined with servo technology, our machine provides unparalleled flexibility, adaptability and performance. Ideal for rectangular and square soaps of varying sizes …

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CP18PM Soap Wrapping Machine

Stretch Soap Wrapping Machine CP18PM

The CP18PM Soap Wrapping Machine provides a tight, protective stretch wrap onto the product using a range of stretch wrapping materials. Capable of wrapping a wide variety of shaped soaps from round, square, oblong, and other shaped soaps at speeds …

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CP3000 Pleat Soap Wrapping Machine

CP3000 Pleat Soap Wrapping Machine

The CP3000 Soap Wrapping Machine is the latest in our range of soap wrapping machines, producing a pleated wrap. The machine has been specifically designed for the soap wrap market where a high quality finish and presentation is required to …

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When wrapping soaps in clear films, the properties of the film have a great impact on the ease of wrapping as well as the finish achieved from the method.

CPack have supplied our Soap Wrapping machines to clients all over Europe and can draw from the experience of testing not only different methods of producing the required wrap but also from testing many different types of materials to find the ideal film with the correct properties to produce a brilliant wrap every time.

Able to wrap a large variety of different shaped soaps, our Soap Wrapping machine is ideal for clients that want to give their products a tight skin wrap with crystal clear clarity as well as protecting the product before seal from moisture and damage.

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