Sausage Wrapping Machines

Model 85 Sausage Wrapping Machine

The Model 85 is the ideal sausage wrapping machine to suit your companies needs.

Built to be able to wrap various sausage packs including ½lb and 1lb packs without the use of base cards.

Capable of running at…

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RSW900 Wrapping Machine

Foldwrapping machines combine the principles of overwrap and bunch wrapping machines to produce a series of packaging machines having the ability to fold material around products, and provide a base seal.

Able to wrap rectangular…

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Sausages are a everyday staple food and no matter whether you are wrapping Lincolnshire, Cumberland or frankfurters the presentation of your product can make or break your sales.

At CPack we have over 30 years experience of supplying sausage wrapping machines to companies all over Europe giving us the knowledge to provide a packaging system for your sausages in a way the consumer finds appealing while giving you the cost saving you need to keep competitive.

Our long list of clients have relied on our expertise and reliability to keep their production running as efficiently as possible and have not been disappointed with the service we have provided.

Our range of sausage wrappers are designed specifically to wrap products without the need for base cards, saving you money on packaging your products.While half pound and 1lb packs are most commonly used we would be more than happy to meet your specific needs and supply a packaging machine matching these exact requirements. However you want to package your sausages we would be pleased to provide a machine that exceeds your expectations at a competitive price.

Please see below our range of sausage wrapping machines.