L-Sealing Machines

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Used by a wide variety of companies for packaging many different products, L-Sealers are a staple of the packaging industry.

These ingenious machines use centre folded reels of PVC or polyolefin material to allow quick and easy packaging of products forming a bag around the product. Named L-sealers due to the design of the machine which seals 2 sides of film creating a bag from these sides and seal from the previous product.

L-Sealing is a cost effective method of packaging a wide variety of items, from boxed products such as phones and perfumes to sealing small mechanical components in a bag. To achieve a tighter wrap the product can also be placed through one of out shrink tunnels causing the packaging to form a tight and clear protective skin on your products ready for sale.

CPack can supply a range of sizes of L-Sealing machines made from both plastics for general purpose sealing as well as stainless machines for clients working in the food industry.