Bunch Wrapping Machines

WRAP KING 9000 Bunch Wrapping Machine

WRAP KING 9000 Bunch Wrapping Machine

Built upon decades of Pleat and Bunch wrapping technology and experience, the WRAP KING 9000 is the most advanced system of its kind in the world. Designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of large volume producers, the machine …

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WRAP KING 4000 Bunch Wrapping Machine

WRAP KING 4000 Bunch Wrapping Machine

Cpack’s latest developments in pleat and bunch wrapping technology have resulted in the WRAP KING 4000. Utilizing advanced computer control combined with servo technology, our machine provides unparalleled flexibility, adaptability and performance. Ideal for wrapping pies, Christmas puddings, cakes, cheeses …

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BW5000 Servo-Driven Bunch Wrapping Machine

Pleat and Bunch Wrapper

The BW5000 is Cpack’s latest advance in bunch wrapping solutions.

Utilizing our most up to date servo driven technology the PPBW5000 can wrap up to an extraordinary 5000 packs per hour while giving a uniform bunch wrap finish. Wrapping a variety of products from Adhesive tapes, Cheese, Pork Pies and many more rounded products.

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Model 70 Bunch Wrapping Machine

The Model 70 is a large improvement over the previous generation of Bunch Wrappers, which provides customers with a smart bunch wrap that is sealed on the base.

Featuring a choice of product trips and in-feeds the…

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BW2700 Servo-Driven Bunch Wrapping Machine

Our all new servo driven bunch wrapper is based on tried and tested design concepts.

It has been built to meet your specific needs, allowing you to wrap in a traditional method using sustainable materials widely used in…

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Model Major Bunch Wrapping Machine

The Model Major provides your products with added sales appeal with a smart bunch wrap and an eye catching pleat wrap finish.

One machine can wrap a range of product sizes due to the set of change parts it is supplied with which can be…

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Semi-Auto Pleat Wrapping Machine

Professional pleat wrapping can be yours with Cpack Pendle’s Semi-Auto Pleat Wrapping Machine.

The versatile semi automatic pleat wrapping machine is ideal for Christmas Puddings, cakes, pies and cakes as…

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Model 60 Bunch Wrapping Machine

The Model 60 wraps your products in a neat, conforming bunch fold with the surplus material firmly sealed on the base.

Featuring speeds of up to 80 cycles per minute, and suitable to wrap a variety of items.

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Bunch wrapping is a neat conforming wrap with all folds tucked and firmly sealed on the base of the product.

A traditional bunch wrap is most commonly used to wrap Christmas puddings, Cakes and Pies but has the versatility to wrap many more types of product such as decorative tins, cheeses and biscuits.

At Cpack we are proud of our Bunch Wrapping excellence, having supplied to both national as well as multinational companies that depend on our reliable and efficient packaging systems to provide the ideal wrap on every product. Having supplied bunch wrapping machines to such a wide range of clients almost all Christmas Puddings produced in the UK are wrapped using our machines year after year.

Our extensive range of bunch wrapping machines have been developed to suit the needs of any client, covering a wide range of speed and operational requirements. We can even design and build machines requiring a specific footprint in order to work in tandem with other machinery at the point of packaging.

Pleat Wrapping is an enhanced wrap where the folds in material are elegantly organised to give a specific number of clean, uniform folds all around the product before neatly sealing the material on the bottom of your product

The main products that are wrapped using pleat wrapping machines are luxury items. High quality Christmas Puddings, Cakes, Pies and cheese biscuits to give the perfect wrap a notch above any of the competitor’s products. Pleat Wrapping gives your customers a improved perception of your products, higher standards of packaging let the buyer know that you care about all the details of your product.

Our range of Pleat Wrapping machines has been designed to accommodate all size and product requirements. Whether you trying to make that initial splash with a limited edition product on a small run, or want to make your products look truly special we can help.

Please see below for our range of bunch and pleat wrappers, should you need any assistance in determining the correct machine for your specific requirements please contact us and we will be pleased to assist.