Skin Packaging Consumables

Cpack now stock a variety of skin packaging consumables designed to complement our SP Skin Packaging systems range. From bespoke film sizes to custom printed sealing boards, Cpack can supply everything you need to run your machine.

Skin Packaging Consumables

Custom Sealing Boards

Cpack can produce bespoke sealing boards for your SP Skin Packaging system. Everything from the printing to the density and the size of the board can be adjusted to your specification. Reinforce your company’s branding, provide contact information, print scannable codes, the possibilities are endless.

Standard Sealing Boards

We stock a large range of standard size sealing boards designed to work specifically with the SP Skin Packaging range.

Custom Film Reels

Cpack can produce film to your specification, including printed design. For the best seal on your products, we can assist you in determining the ideal film width and density.

Standard Film Reels

We stock a variety of film reel sizes and densities available for immediate dispatch for your SP Skin Packaging system.

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