Packaging Machinery Knives

Blades for a variety of packaging machines

A wide range of packaging machinery knives can be supplied by CPack Pendle for the many different applications blades are used for today.

Alpma Machinery Knives (San 80T etc) We can supply the following list of blades and many more:

  • Marden Edwards Knives
  • Burnley Packaging Machinery Knives
  • Carrington Wrapping Machinery Knives
  • John Quinn Knives
  • Adpak Knives
  • Any knives in use by our extensive range of machinery

any many more.

Bringing new life to your Packaging Machinery Knives

We also offer a resharpening service for all types of blades, a must for cost savings, resharpening your blades allows them to perform as new once again without the expense of a new knife or blade set.

Just send us an existing blade set and we would be happy to give the blades a new lease of life improving your packaging processes efficiency.

Custom Knives for special applications

Due to the many different blade applications in use today sometimes teflon or other coatings are required to allow the knives to perform as efficiently as needed.

Blade profiling

If you require a knife that we do not already have the profile of we would still be able to help you. By sending us an existing blade we are able to profile the blade as it should be and increase our effectiveness in aiding you acquire your ideal packaging machinery knives.

Should you wish to make a purchase or for any other queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful staff.