Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belts for a range of packaging machine applicationsWe offer a wide range of spare conveyor belts for many machines that are used both in the UK and overseas.

From shrink tunnels both of table top sizes, fully automatic shrink wrapping systems and sleeve sealing systems we can supply conveyor belts to suit the application for packaging machinery manufactured by CPack Pendle as well as machines built my many other international suppliers.

Table Top Shrink Tunnel Belts

Table Top shrink tunnel belts are most commonly made from USDFA approved silicone. Withstanding a wide range of temperatures from -120°C to +260° easily encompassing the range of temperatures that these machines operate at.

Supplied to match the size of your packaging machinery these belts are also easily cleaned and easy to install with our low odour silicone sealant.

Automatic Shrink Tunnel Belts

Manufactured to withstand many times greater production than the silicon belt used in the smaller machine, these belts are made from mesh material. By utilising mesh on these belts it reduces the amount of plastic from the sealing process that can stick to the belt, giving lower overall downtime.

The mesh material differs depending on the product being wrapped in the shrink tunnel using a PTFE material for lighter products or stainless steel for products that exert more force on the belt.

Other Conveyor Belts

If a conveyor belt you need doesn’t match the above, we can still help. Whether the belt is for a gift wrapping machine, collation unit, or anything else, we would be happy to help.

Should you wish to make a purchase or for any other queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful staff.