WRAP KING 9000 Bunch Wrapping Machine

Built upon decades of Pleat and Bunch wrapping technology and experience, the WRAP KING 9000 is the most advanced system of its kind in the world. Designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of large volume producers, the machine can bunch wrap puddings, pies, cheeses and cakes at an outstanding rate over 100 products per minute with unparalleled flexibility and adaptability.

Utilizing advanced engineering technology, the WRAP KING 9000 attains world-class performance only dreamed of a few years ago, using our patented technology to offer speeds previously unattainable.  Each machine is customized to client’s requirements.

WRAP KING 9000 Bunch Wrapping Machine

WRAP KING 9000 Bunch Wrapping Machine

Maximum Flexibility

Featuring computer controlled servo-driven wrapping systems, the WRAP KING 9000 is suitable for high-volume products including pies, Christmas puddings, cakes and cheese. With advanced features including a HMI touchscreen interface, remote controls, LED illumination and full safety guarding, the WRAP KING 9000 is at the cutting-edge of packaging technology.

The HMI touchscreen interface simplifies machine operation, allowing the machine to be operated with minimum personnel. The software allows for adjustments in the wrapping process and the production speed of the machine.

Next-Generation Features

High visibility guarding and interior lighting provides excellent viewing within the machine while maximizing safety. Any obstructions in the machine can be quickly visually identified reducing any downtime incurred from blockages.

The smart in-feed and out-feed conveyor systems precisely time the delivery of the product into the machine using lasers, for a perfect wrap every time. The delay can be adjusted using the HMI touchscreen interface.

The King of Wrapping

The WRAP KING 9000 was created for the high volume challenging production requirements and represents the pinnacle of bunch/pleat wrapping technology. For discerning clients seeking the fastest output rate and a high-quality wrap, look no further than the WRAP KING 9000.

For customers requiring a similar quality of wrap with a lower production volume, our WRAP KING 4000 provides the same advanced technology in a more compact size.

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Key Features


The WRAP KING 9000 machine includes the following features:

  • Computer Controlled
  • Operating at Speeds of Over 100 Products Per Min
  • HMI Touchscreen Interface
  • Fully Guarded Enclosure with Viewing Windows
  • Interior LED Illumination
  • Changeable Product Plates
  • Heat Sealing Plates
  • Smart Automatic Conveyor In-feed and Out-feed Systems
  • Separate Control Enclosure Unit
  • Label Applicator