Semi-Auto Pleat Wrapping Machine

Professional pleat wrapping can be yours with Cpack Pendle’s Semi-Auto Pleat Wrapping Machine.

The versatile semi automatic pleat wrapping machine is ideal for Christmas Puddings, cakes, pies and cakes as well as many other rounded products. Providing increased sales appeal to premium products this model is based on our tried and tested manual and automatic machines, with an increased speed and less reliance on the operators skill.

Providing up to 14 products per minute with a traditional wrap ready for point of sale.

Perfect pleated finish on every product


Our Semi-Automatic Pleat Wrapping Machine has been designed to wrap your product to perfection each time. By having your item wrapped to a high standard, it allows it to stand out from the other cluster of similar items in-store and communicates to the consumer that the product is quality.

Products feature 24 uniform pleats around the product, and can be wrapped using product direct from a reel or from pre-cut octagonal sheets.

The Semi-Automatic Pleat Wrapping Machine offers an economical method for you to wrap your quality products in a variety of materials. With no wasted wrapping material and a low profile this machine is an excellent investment to your packaging process for years to come.

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Key Features


The Semi-Automatic Pleat Wrapper includes the following features:

  • Quick change over of pack size
  • Light guard safety feature
  • Cuts material to shape from single roll
  • Twin push button control
  • Side product exit for transfer to conveyor
  • Production rates of up to 14 per minute
  • Print registration option if required
  • Iris Assembly


Semi Automatic fine pleat wrapper with 24 pleat system as standard with twin push button activation and automatic product eject to produce a high quality finish using polypropylene, cellophane or wax paper.