Cpack are also food packaging suppliers. A huge number of our customers operate in the food packaging sector, typically requiring large volumes of product to be packaged to a consistently high and uniform standard, in the shortest possible time frames.

Cheese, meats and sausages, confectionery and seasonal items such Christmas puddings and much more – the scope of food items packaged by Cpack Pendle’s machinery is virtually limitless and relied upon by many of the UK’s major retailers and food suppliers.

Our specialized ranges of wrapping styles have ensured that our clients can always find the ideal packaging solution to match all of their product production operations.

Many of our clients in the food industry rely heavily on our unparalleled range of bunch wrapping machines, which wrap the majority of Christmas Puddings and pork pies produced in the UK today. Promising reliability and high speeds our range of bunch wrappers are the top of the line manufactured today.

For seasonal or one-off packaging runs, our packaging machinery rental or hire service is ideal, where floorspace or budgetary concerns may be a factor. Speak to our helpful team to discuss your project requirements and we can become your food packaging suppliers.